A digital conference on fashion, sustainability, technology and innovation, broadcasted from a studio in Stockholm on 31 August, which coincides with the launch of Stockholm Fashion Week.

Bringing together international leaders as well as emerging talents, and surrounding communities, for conversations and collaborations around LEADERSHIP - the projects and initiatives that are driving change for a sustainable future.

Inviting selected partners for a close collaboration and promotion.


Fashion Future is a global platform that connects the fashion industry via entrepreneurship, sustainability, technology, innovation, diversity and inclusion. Since 2017 Fashion Future (former Fashion Tech Talks) has curated an international community of executives, fashion experts and businesses through physical and digital events. In close collaboration with the founders of Brilliant Minds the platform was funded by the Swedish Fashion Association (former Association of Swedish Fashion Brands) and Patriksson Group, to create a conference and media platform that discuss the current state and future of fashion. 

Fashion Future is an international meeting place for the fashion and tech industries. Focusing on the rapid technological development that is influencing the global fashion industry as well as topics and trends that are shaping the future and blurring the boundaries between the fashion and tech industry. Through these global conversations, the platform inspires and ignites change across our industry. Fashion Future crosses boundaries and amplifies topics including sustainable development goals, social impact, diversity and inclusion, entrepreneurship, connectivity and new technologies all seen through the lens of innovation.

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